Allied Security is the largest New Zealand owned and operated supplier of security services within New Zealand and has been an innovator in the security industry since our company’s formation in 1992.

As a result of hard work and dedicated service Allied Security has been able to grow locally, then regionally and nationally, and now internationally into Australia.

This growth was made possible by building strong relationships based on high levels of service and attention to client needs.

Growth within our structure has allowed us to offer more comprehensive service, competitive pricing and a wider set of skills and capability that only comes from a company with the scope of Allied Security.


We are owned by New Zealanders.

  • We return all our income to New Zealand.
  • We invest and support other New Zealand businesses by buying all our equipment in New Zealand.
  • Allied Security is management owned.
  • We pay our taxes in New Zealand

This provides Allied Security with a unique succession plan as senior management are also owners of our business.

Our management team is experienced and equipped to deal with any client issues, and our flat management structure allows for quick and accurate communication.

We promote from within, train our staff to the highest levels and offer incentive to those staff to provide service levels above the expectations of our clientele. Staff training is systemic within our structure and our company culture ensures that high achievers are rewarded and retained, this once again results in our service exceeding customer expectations.


Allied Security has a large network of offices and staff in New Zealand and Australia.

Allied Security’s head office is based in Hamilton, with regional offices located in every region of New Zealand. We have an extensive network throughout these regions that allows us to offer a national service.

Exposure to the Australian market place and security systems has allowed Allied Security to experience a broader range of skills and knowledge which is able to flow both ways across the Tasman enhancing the services offered in both countries.

The expansion of our business network is set to continue over the months to come as we capitalize on newly acquired skills within the new staff that we have access to both in Australia and New Zealand. This in turn will offer greater service capability to our customers whilst ensuring that we keep costs down for your business.