3 Months Free Alarm Monitoring - Allied Security New Zealand 100% Locally Owned.

3 Months Free Alarm Monitoring

Ultimate Protection and Peace Of Mind by NZ's Leading Security Experts.

From only 80 cents a day, do you want to have the peace of mind knowing your premises are under a watchful eye 24/7?

Monitored alarm systems offer a level of security that unmonitored systems simply cannot match.

Get 3 months free when you sign up to a 24 month contract.  We can monitor any existing alarm systems, or assist with installing a new one.

An unmonitored alarm relies on you being vigilant 24/7. Relying solely on self monitoring means there may be gaps in coverage, especially during the night, time away from home, or when you're occupied with other responsibilities.

Your alarms will have a direct link to our own Alarm Monitoring Centre, where you will benefit from an immediate response 24/7. This swift reaction to incidents can make all the difference in preventing or minimising loss and damage.

Did you know many insurance companies offer discounts on homeowners' or business insurance premiums when you have a monitored security system in place.

Whether it's your home, business, or industrial facility, our monitored alarm solutions can be tailored to your specific needs, ensuring that your unique security concerns are addressed effectively.

Valid for new customers only. T&Cs apply. Offer only available in the Waikato & Wellington regions.

Claim your 3 free months or enquire to find out more, one of our friendly staff will be in touch

    Client Feedback

    I have used a couple alarm monitoring companies in the past and nothing compares to Allied Security, they took the time to really make sure the system suited my situation. As someone who is away from home a lot, having my alarms professionally monitored is very reassuring.

    Alice P.

    Cannot stress enough how much of a game changer alarm monitoring is! Has taken the task of mine and my wife's need to constantly check the alarms, particularly at work or when we’re gone for the weekend. Service is superior and staff go the extra mile!

    Graeme W.

    We have used Allied's monitoring services for our home and business for over 3 years and are always impressed with the service we receive. In today's day and age, alarm monitoring is a must and the team are quick to respond to any incidents. Thanks Allied!

    Lynne F.


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