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A good alarm system is undoubtedly the best protection you can get for both home or commercial properties.

Allied offer both burglar systems and CCTV design and supply, as well as on-going alarm monitoring services, so you can be sure you are getting an integrated service from people who know what they are talking about.

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    Alarm Installation

    Alarm system technology is constantly changing. Our clients benefit from our extensive technical knowledge, installation design experience and expertise in both commercial and residential applications throughout New Zealand.

    Our aim is to provide a streamlined, cost-effective and hassle-free solution to adequately meet your specific security needs.

    First and foremost: peace of mind that security breaches will not go undetected.

    Installation of a security system also dramatically reduces the chance of burglary, as thieves like nothing more than easy targets.

    Allied offer an integrated installation, monitoring and CCTV package.  We can visit your home or business site to assess your security issues/needs. Book in a free Security Assessment today.

    Alarm & Camera Servicing

    1. Many insurance companies offer discounts for properties with well maintained alarm systems. If an alarm fails to activate during a burglary and the alarm's system has not been recently maintained, it may affect your insurance claim.
    2. Peace of mind - from time to time parts of alarms may malfunction and you may not be aware of the fault until it fails to activate when you need it to most.
    3. There may be a problem you're unaware of. New PINs might be needed, a rusty old siren replaced or perhaps the keypad is beeping or displaying a fault.

    Allied has been installing, servicing, maintaining and fault-finding burglar alarms, security and camera systems in New Zealand for over 20 years.

    Allied's qualified and licensed alarm technicians will carry out a minimum 100 point check of your alarm, checking all detection devices, sirens, keypads and batteries to ensure your alarm works when you need it most.

    To provide further protection and peace of mind, you can also choose to have your alarm monitored by our highly trained security professionals, from our 24/7 monitoring centre.

    Contact us for more information or to request a quote.

    CCTV Surveillance

    CCTV security cameras deter, detect and provide increased visibility of your assets in a commercial or residential environment.

    Security camera system's technology is constantly changing. Fortunately, we’re experts with CCTV camera technology and maintenance and are more than happy to talk clients through the range of options, in addition to carrying out coverage plans, performing camera installation and offering our experience and our expertise in both commercial and residential applications.

    Our aim is to provide a streamlined, cost-effective and hassle-free solution to adequately meet your specific security needs.

    If you need a new security camera system or are looking at upgrading your existing CCTV cameras, please get in touch, we are here to help.

    Access Control

    Access Control technology is constantly changing. We’re experts in access control technology and maintenance. Our clients benefit from our technical knowledge, system installation design experience and our expertise in both commercial and residential applications.

    We offer a streamlined, hassle-free solution for your security needs. If you need a new access control system or are looking at upgrading your existing CCTV cameras then make an enquiry as we are here to help.

    Alarm Monitoring

    Business security alarms come in many forms, but essentially they use a sensor to detect movement or someone gaining entry by force to a certain area. If set off, the alarm sends a signal to an alarm panel which then creates an action dependent upon its programming. This action is most often an automated phone signal to a computer but can be to a phone line.

    The resulting action is an investigation, often the contacting of key personnel or the dispatch of a mobile patrol security guard which is the “response” to the alarm activation.

    We monitor our alarms in our NZ based in-house 24/7 alarm monitoring centre.

    Get in touch to find out how Alarm Monitoring can benefit your business.

    Lone Worker

    Lone workers who operate in isolation away from other employees, without close or direct supervision, do so with a heightened risk of personal injury. Our remote monitoring team can greatly reduce the risks these employees face.

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