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Mobile Security Patrols

Protecting Your Business Is Our Business

Protect your assets from only $5 a day with Mobile Patrols

Mobile security patrols offer a cost-effective security solution, particulary for small businesses and multi-site business owners, when full-time security isn't practical.

During each visit, our patrols conduct pre-determined or random checks. Covering all access points and addressing specific site brief requirements.

Our random inspections are entirely unpredictable, making it challenging for anyone observing your property's security to anticipate patrol schedules. To further enhance visual deterrence, we strategically place security signage along the perimeter to alert potential intruders to our protective presence.

Mobile Patrols Alarm & Incident Response

In the event your alarm goes off, or if there is a security threat - what is your game plan for these scenarios? There can be high risks by attending these incidents yourself.  Instead let our highly experienced & trained mobile patrol professionals take care of this. They are trained to deal with a multitude of scenarios providing you peace of mind knowing your property and assets are protected.

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Security Solutions

Get peace of mind knowing our highly trained staff are on call 24/7. They will respond to any security incidents promptly. We understand each business has different requirements when it comes to mobile patrols. Therefore, we work closely with you to create a customised package that suits your needs and budget.

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Technology Integration

We leverage the latest security technology to enhance our mobile patrol services. From real-time GPS tracking to advanced communication systems, our patrols are equipped with tools that enable efficient monitoring and rapid response.

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Coverage When
It's Needed Most

Security threats don't adhere to a 9-to-5 schedule, and neither do we. Our mobile patrol services are available around the clock. Providing continuous protection for your business during vulnerable hours.


Highly Trained
Security Officers

Our mobile patrol division undergoes leading security training, exceeding industry standards. They also undergo specialised training tailored to a variety of field-related challenges. Including incident management and emergency response.

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Mobile patrols offer a cost-effective way to maintain a visible security presence, deter criminal activity, and respond quickly to any incidents. They provide peace of mind and enhance overall safety for your business.

Mobile patrols conduct perimeter checks, inspect doors and windows, ensure gates and fences are secure, monitor for unusual activity, and respond to alarms. They can also provide lock and unlock services for your property.

The cost of mobile patrol services varies based on the frequency of patrols, the size of the property, and the specific services required. Contact us for a detailed quote tailored to your business needs. Our patrols start from $5 a day.

Mobile patrols are ideal for a variety of properties, including commercial buildings, industrial sites, residential communities, construction sites, and retail locations. They are flexible and can be tailored to suit any type of property.

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