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Allied Security assumes a vital role in safeguarding profits within the construction industry through the implementation of diverse measures aimed at mitigating risks and preventing financial losses. Here are several ways in which we can provide assistance


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    Site Security

    Deploying trained security guards or personnel to patrol the construction site, monitor access points, and respond to any security incidents or emergencies.

    Site security in construction in New Zealand is crucial for protecting assets, minimizing disruptions and ensuring worker safety. It helps maintain the integrity of the construction project and promotes a safe working environment for all involved parties.

    Asset Protection

    It is important to note that specific security protocols and procedures may vary depending on the size and complexity of the construction site, as well as any unique risks associated with the project. By having security guards actively involved in asset protection, construction sites  can minimize losses, maintain a secure environment, and ensure the smooth progress of construction projects.

    Health and Safety Compliance

    Our services encompass ensuring compliance with applicable health and safety regulations and standards within the construction industry.

    We offer valuable guidance on regulatory requirements, perform audits to identify any areas of non-compliance, and provide expert recommendations for implementing corrective actions.

    Workforce Management

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