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Securing a Legacy: Allied Security's 16-Year Partnership with Lincoln University

We've been working with Lincoln University for the past 16 years, providing 24/7 security coverage to the campus through guarding, patrols and the day to day oversight from our supervisor Rangi. Providing security for an educational institute comes with unique challenges and demands, so over the past 16 years we have worked closely with Lincoln University to implement a security strategy to consistently uphold our promise of ensuring a secure environment for the university community.

Our Superstar Supervisor:

Rangi Wakefield is our Supervisor based at Lincoln University, it's fair to say he's the heart of our security operations on campus. Recently, he won 'Staff Member Who Has Had The Most Positive Impact on Students' award from the Lincoln University Students Association. With a personality that lights up the corridors and a dedication that runs deep, his positive influence on the university culture is constantly acknowledged by staff and students.

Having been the Lincoln University Supervisor for a number of years Rangi has worked hard to build a positive rapport with the students, especially in the education sector - trust is paramount. Rangi also actively assists newcomers in navigating the university environment and readily directs them to the appropriate resources when needed. And, lets face it - if you've ever been to university you'll know that having someone like Rangi around to help out when needed makes a wave of difference!

Overcoming Challenges:

Managing security for over 3,000 students requires a delicate balance. The challenge is not just in keeping the campus secure but in doing so while establishing meaningful connections with the students. Many students are experiencing 'life away from home' for the first time and navigating the uncharted waters of independent living. It's important for us to engage with students so they feel comfortable and safe in their new environment.

We understand that the initial days in a new university can be overwhelming. Therefore, when students are new to the campus, we guide them on the do's and don'ts, assisting them in understanding the campus dynamics and making their transition as smooth as possible. This approach not only supports a sense of community but also significantly contributes to the low incident rate we maintain.

The key challenge lies in shaping behaviour not through intimidation but through coaching and mentoring. We adopt an 'education-first' process, focusing on building a positive rapport and ensuring that rules are not just enforced but also explained and understood.

What sets our approach apart is the intentional effort to engage, educate, and support students during their transitional phase. We recognise the unique challenges posed by such an environment and have devised an approach that goes beyond traditional security measures.


Allied Security Bursary

Allied Security established Bursaries in 2008 for the purpose of supporting students attending Lincoln University to further their tertiary education. This initiative reflects our commitment to empowering the next generation and contributing to the academic success of individuals within our community. Through the Allied Security Bursaries, we aim to alleviate financial barriers that students may encounter, enabling them to focus on their education and future endeavors.

16 Years of Security and Positive Changes

As we reflect on our extraordinary 16-year partnership with Lincoln University, we're proud to have not only secured the campus but also making a lasting impact on the university culture. Our distinctive mix of engagement, education, and support has truly defined our approach and we look forward to continuing this partnership with Lincoln Uni!

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