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Best Practices: How To Conduct A Security Audit

Regular security audits are an essential practice that can help identify vulnerabilities and protect against potential threats. They provide a comprehensive view of the security landscape, allowing businesses to proactively address vulnerabilities before they can be breached.

At Allied Security, a key focus is empowering small businesses to adopt a proactive rather than reactive approach to security. By emphasising prevention over reaction, we aim to help businesses mitigate security incidents before they occur, to safeguard their operations, assets, and reputation.

Review Access Controls:

Evaluate the current access points in your facility. Identify all entry and exit points, including doors, gates, and windows, and determine which areas require restricted access. Install sturdy locks and consider upgrading to electronic access control systems. These systems not only enhance security but also provide a detailed log of who enters and exits the premises.

Assess Physical Security:

Start by inspecting the condition of locks, doors, and windows. Ensure that all entry points are secured with high quality, functioning locks. Weak or faulty locks can easily be exploited by intruders, so it's essential to replace any that are damaged or outdated. Check that doors and windows close properly and do not have any gaps or weaknesses that could be used to gain unauthorised entry.

Evaluate Lighting:

Proper lighting is an important yet often overlooked aspect of business security. Begin by conducting a thorough assessment of your current lighting setup. Inspect all exterior and interior areas to identify any poorly lit spots or areas where lighting is insufficient. Motion activated lights are an excellent addition, they serve as a great deterrent to startle intruders by illuminating the area when movement is detected.

Inspect Fire Safety Measures:

Fire safety is an important aspect of protecting your business, employees, and assets. Ensuring that your premises are equipped with the appropriate fire safety measures can prevent catastrophic damage and save lives. Regularly check that these extinguishers are fully charged, easily accessible, and within their expiration dates.

Monitor Security Systems:

You wouldn't believe how many times a business owner has thought their CCTV systems are up and running, when in fact they’ve  weren't. Regular testing and servicing of these systems can prevent malfunctions and ensure they are ready to respond in an emergency.

Review Policies and Procedures:

By staying up to date with industry best practices and the latest regulatory standards, you can enhance the effectiveness of your security measures and also avoid potential fines and penalties associated with non-compliance. Ensure all employees are informed about policy updates and understand their roles in implementing new procedures. Conduct training sessions to educate staff on the updated protocols and their responsibilities. Remember to maintain thorough documentation of policies and procedures.

Engage a Reliable Security Company:

As a small business owner, you already juggle numerous responsibilities. Adding the task of conducting a thorough security audit might seem overwhelming. This is where engaging a reliable security company can make all the difference.

Security companies offer continuous support and maintenance for the systems they install. Regular testing, servicing, and updates ensure that your security measures remain effective and up to date, adapting to any emerging threats or changes in your business environment.

Why Choose Allied Security:

Our team of experts are trained to identify vulnerabilities that might be easily overlooked by an untrained eye. With over 33 years experience in security in New Zealand, our knowledge of the latest security technologies and best practices ensures that your business is protected using the most effective methods available.

Every business is unique, and a one size fits all approach to security simply doesn’t work. We provide tailored solutions that meet the specific needs of your business. They take into account your industry, location, size, and specific security concerns to develop a customised security plan that offers maximum protection.

By routinely assessing and updating your security measures, you can stay ahead of potential threats, ensure compliance with regulations, and optimise your security investments.

Most importantly, regular audits help create a safer environment, giving you peace of mind and allowing you to focus on growing your business. Don't wait for an incident to occur - make regular security audits a priority of your business strategy today.

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