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A New Chapter in Luxury Retail Security | Partnering with Saint Laurent Australia

We are expanding our luxury retail security footprint into the Australian market by partnering with the prestigious Saint Laurent Australia. Our proven expertise in retail security, fine tuned through years of successful operations in New Zealand, will now be extended to safeguard all Saint Laurent stores across Australia.

Proven Expertise in Luxury Retail Security

For years, we have been a trusted name in the New Zealand luxury retail security sector. Delivering tailored security solutions that protect high end brands staff, customers, reputation and assets. Our goal is to ensure that every Saint Laurent location benefits from our industry leading security solutions. To provide peace of mind to both customers and staff.

We understand that the high end retail environment demands more than just traditional security measures. We tailor our security strategy to the distinct requirements needs of the high end retail setting, which also prioritises a superior customer service experience.

Our security personnel are trained to blend seamlessly into the luxury retail setting. They are not only skilled in security protocols but also in delivering a professional and welcoming presence. This ensures that while there is a strong security presence, it does not overshadow the elegance and sophistication of the store environment.

We will integrate advanced security measures and innovative strategies led by our retail security division. These are designed to enhance the overall shopping experience while providing the highest level of protection for customers and staff.

Our approach includes leading technology systems, highly trained security personnel, and strategic loss prevention protocols tailored to meet the specific needs of boutique retail environments.

Setting a New Benchmark in High End Boutique Security

I can't wait to introduce many of the innovative strategies we've developed across New Zealand to the high end retail market in Australia. To meet the rapidly evolving retail security landscape globally. Our collaborative based, industry leading strategies develop highly effective networks that improve security outcomes and deliver a far wider level of service than traditional high end retail security providers. 

Matt Murray National Retail Security Manager

We are excited to set a new benchmark in luxury retail security across Australia and protect Saint Laurent's prestigious brand and assets.

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