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Overcoming Retail Security Challenges & Delivering Successful Outcomes

In recent months, the retail industry has encountered a surge in security challenges. Creating significant hurdles for business owners striving to maintain safety and prevent recidivist offending within their establishments. From incidents of theft and vandalism to more sophisticated and organised crime. The landscape has become increasingly complex and demanding.

Our National Retail Security Manager, Matt Murray has been working with retailers across New Zealand and Australia to identify insights into the specific security concerns facing different sectors of the industry and providing tailored solutions that have resulted in successful outcomes.

A Common Issue: Inadequate Security Measures in Retail Businesses

After conducting thorough audits of retail sites across the nation, Matt has identified a significant issue: Many New Zealand retail businesses are falling victim to crime due to inadequate deterrents and subpar security measures.

"In many cases, retail businesses install a CCTV system and hope for the best." But in 2024 with the increasing security challenges, that approach is simply inadequate." Matt explains.

Matt emphasises the importance of adopting an end to end security strategy that provides maximum coverage and prevention.

Instead of reactive measures, such as installing cameras after an incident has occurred. An effective security strategy should encompass a preventative approach that addresses potential vulnerabilities before they can be exploited by offenders.


Innovative Solutions for Today's Retail Landscape

Drawing from his years of experience leading the highly successful NZ Police National retail crime investigation team. Matt brings a fresh perspective to the table.

His keen insight into retail crime and deep understanding of retail security have proven successful in developing strategies that are both effective and adaptive.

Matt is at the forefront of developing innovative and 'outside the box' solutions to address the unique challenges facing the retail industry.


Achieving Positive Results: Reduction in Retail Crime

Over recent months, Matt has been working closely with Rotorua Mall and Tauranga Crossing Management teams. After conducting thorough assessments, Matt developed and implemented sustainable, collaborative based, crime prevention and reduction strategies that have significantly reduced retail crime related offending in both locations.

Our partnership with local authorities has allowed us to leverage resources and expertise to address specific challenges unique to each retail environment. By creating open lines of communication and collaboration, we've been able to create safer, more secure spaces for both retailers and shoppers.

Considering the longstanding challenges from retail crime and antisocial behaviour in Rotorua Mall and Tauranga Crossing. We are thrilled at the positive impact that has been achieved through proactive collaboration between private and public sector agencies.

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Time to Reassess: Is Your Security Provider Keeping Pace?

Is your current security provider equipped to navigate the complexities of today's retail environment, or are outdated practices putting your business at risk?

If you're questioning whether your current security provider is keeping pace with these changes, it may be time to reassess. At Allied Security, we're committed to pushing the boundaries, embracing innovation, and delivering results that exceed expectations.

Figures show there were over 12,000 instances of retail crime reported a month. That is more than 400 a day or one every 3-1/2 minutes.  These staggering statistics speak volumes on the urgent need for preventative AND proactive measures to combat retail crime.

Don't let outdated practices compromise the safety and security of your business. Contact Matt Murray for a free Retail Risk Consultation today.

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