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With retail crime costing 2.6billion annually, our retail security division are revolutionising change in the sector. Our commitment lies in proactive change, with a strong emphasis on preventative strategies.

By working with Allied Security, means more than just acquiring security personnel – it means gaining access to a comprehensive suite of services.

We work with you to identify potential security risks and implement effective measures to protect your business, customers, and employees.

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Advanced Loss Prevention

Our loss prevention strategies are high customisable to best suit  the unique of your business. Our security officers are highly trained, reliable and have an excellent customer service approach for any service industry.

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Boutique Retail Specialists

Our security personnel are not only trained in loss prevention but also in maintaining the sophisticated ambiance of boutique retail spaces. They are carefully selected to match the client's specifications, ensuring that their presence enhances the shopping experience while providing maximum security.

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State-of-the-Art Surveillance Systems

We have cutting-edge surveillance technology to complement our on-ground security measures.  We can also provide 24/7 monitoring services for an added layer of protection.

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Mobile Patrols & Response

Our mobile patrols are a cost effective measure for extra peace of mind. We can tailor a schedule best suited to your needs and act as a first response to any security breaches.

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The Importance of Retail Security

Theft is a problem that affects businesses of all shapes and sizes, from grocery stores and liquor stores, to clothing stores, pharmacies and electronics outlets.

With the adequate security measures in place, many losses are preventable. Retail security requires a multi-faceted approach, depending on the nature and size of your business, multiple forms of security measures are required for comprehensive coverage.

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Leading the way in Retail Security

Prior to joining Allied, Matthew Murray worked for the New Zealand Police for 27 years, more recently as a key member of the National Retail Investigation Unit, helping multiple NZ retailers identify ways they can make themselves less of a target to potential offenders.

We are proud to have Matt on board as our National Retail Security Manager.

With his extensive experience, Matt understands retail security inside out. He has collaborated with global retail leaders and law enforcement to implement world-class strategies to minimise retail security threats.

Matt has set a new standard for reducing and managing security threats within the retail sector. His knowledge and insights are deeply rooted in real-world experiences, making him a key asset in safeguarding retail businesses of all scales.

Retail Consultancy

We are offering free one-one-one consultations with Matt, who can conduct a comprehensive security review of your premises and outline the security measures best suited for your business.

This retail security consultation includes:

  • Specialised local insight to your location, highlighting factors that commonly drive retail crime in your area
  • An internal and external security audit of your premises
  • An audit of your current security measures
  • A customised and honest recommendation based on the security requirements for your business
  • In person or online consultation available

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The Allied Security Difference

We are revolutionising change in the retail security sector. Our focus remains on the collaboration with the NZ Police, Government and leading industry associations to deliver better results for our clients.

Our customer service approach is what sets us apart in the security industry. You can count on our security guards for reliability, honesty and the ability to offer a welcoming and friendly presence, enhancing the overall experience for your customers.

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