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Celebrating A 5 Year Extension as Woolworths Trusted Security Partner

We are excited to announce that our longstanding partnership with Woolworths has been extended for another five years. Since 2017, we have been the trusted security provider for Woolworths, ensuring the safety and security of their 196 stores from Whangarei to Invercargill.

A Pandemic, Rebrand & Retail Crime Climate: How we Adapt to Change

Over the past years, our collaboration with Woolworths has seen us navigate a series of significant events. Each presenting unique challenges that required innovation, adaptibility and extensive strategic planning. We supported Woolworths through the unprecedented disruptions of the COVID-19 pandemic. As the pandemic unfolded, new health and safety regulations were introduced. As a result, this significantly altered the operational landscape for essential businesses. In response, we adapted our security measures to meet these new challenges. This ensured that Woolworths could continue to provide essential services to communities while maintaining a safe environment for everyone.

The rebranding from Countdown to Woolworths was another significant moment in our partnership. Throughout this transition, we provided leading security solutions to support the brand’s new identity. Ensuring continued customer trust and positive brand perception as the rebrand was rolled out.

With the current challenge of retail crime across New Zealand. Our close collaboration has allowed us to stay ahead of emerging threats and promptly implement proactive security measures to mitigate risks. By working hand in hand with Woolworths, we've developed innovative strategies tailored to address the unique challenges faced by the current retail landscape. Retail crime is continously evolving. Our retail security division closely monitor emerging trends and evolving threats. We carefully adapt our security strategies to ensure that our always well protected.

Our #1 Priority | Ensuring the Safety of Customers and Staff

Every week, Woolworths serves more than 3 million customers. We understand that a secure environment is crucial for shoppers to feel comfortable and for employees to perform their duties effectively. Our comprehensive security measures, including advanced surveillance systems, strategic loss prevention protocols, and highly trained security personnel, ensure that every aspect of safety is covered.

As we look forward to the next five years, we remain committed to delivering superior security services and continuously adapting to new challenges. We are proud to be Woolworth's trusted security provider and look forward to ensuring the highest standards of safety across all Woolworths locations.

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