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    If you're concerned about the security of your business or looking to improve your current security measures, don't miss out on this opportunity to talk to our retail security consultant. 

    We live in an age of heightened retail security concerns, with hardly a day going by without reports of retail crime across New Zealand. Is your business dealing with increased levels of retail loss and shrinkage? Vandalism? Or other concerning security breaches? If so, you’re not alone. Latest figures show that 92% of retailers experienced some form of retail crime in the past 12 months.


    Free Retail Security Audit

    We are offering free one-one-one consultations with Matt, who can conduct a comprehensive security review of your premises and outline the security measures best suited for your business.

    This consultation includes:

    • Specialised local insight to your location, highlighting factors that commonly drive retail crime in your area
    • An internal and external security audit of your premises
    • An audit of your current security measures
    • A customised and honest recommendation based on the security requirements for your business
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    We will also provide you current national and international retail crime trends, some generalised local retail crime statistics and explain the effectiveness of collaborating with local stakeholders to combat retail crime offending.

    Our retail security services go beyond simply providing guarding or electronic security. We carefully assess your situation and provide a detailed strategy to mitigate security breaches and losses for your retail business.

    Find out more about our retail security solutions here.

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      Our Retail Security Consultant

      As a leading authority in retail security, our National Security Manager Matt Murray leads our retail security division. With over 25 years in the NZ Police specialising in retail crime. With an extensive network of global resources, which often precede trends in New Zealand by 12 to 18 months. Matt remains at the forefront of evolving crime trends, and can apply his global expertise on a local level.


      Advanced Loss Prevention

      Our loss prevention strategies are high customisable to best suit  the unique of your business. Our security officers are highly trained, reliable and have an excellent customer service approach for any service industry.

      Find out more


      Boutique Retail Specialists

      Our security personnel are not only trained in loss prevention but also in maintaining the sophisticated ambiance of boutique retail spaces. They are carefully selected to match the client's specifications, ensuring that their presence enhances the shopping experience while providing maximum security.

      Find out more about Boutique Retail Security


      State-of-the-Art Surveillance Systems

      We have cutting-edge surveillance technology to complement our on-ground security measures.  We can also provide 24/7 monitoring services for an added layer of protection.

      Find out more about Electronic Security options


      Mobile Patrols & Response

      Our mobile patrols are a cost effective measure for extra peace of mind. We can tailor a schedule best suited to your needs and act as a first response to any security breaches.

      Find out more about Mobile Patrols

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